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Help Build A Skateboard Park For Kids

  UPDATE:  Updated:  16 Jan 2019 :

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  December 11, 2018 will be 33 years of Sobriety for me.


  We still want to help the kids in Gold River to build a skateboard park, a small area so they can have some where to skateboard.


I have someone that is willing to design the skateboard park for kids in Gold River, BC.  Then I need an estimate to get the materials needed to build the skateboard park, and then I need someone that can assist in building the skateboard park.  If you can help, let us know.


  I'm helping the kids get a skateboard park in Gold River, BC, because as a kid I never had anything. Nor could I do what they did, because I was born with club feet, and deaf in both ears. I had series of operations on my feet and ears, and now I walk and hear like everyone else. Now I go around helping people, and one project I'm working on is helping kids get a skateboard park built. More: